About the polyclinic "Dr Sci. Hadžagić"

The polyclinic was founded in 1999 as the private medical office "Intermed". In 2003 the name was changed to “Prim. Dr Sci. Hadžagić”. Today, the medical office has outgrown its title and it has become a polyclinic, due to the ever increasing number of successfully treated patients. The owner of the polyclinic is Izudin Hadžagić M.D. Ph.D.

In recent years, several thousands medical exams were carried out by our physicians. Throughout this period, all of our physicians have shown the highest level of scientific and practical expertise.

The polyclinic “Dr Sci. Hadžagić” is widely acclaimed and very well known in Belgrade, as well as in the whole of Serbia and Montenegro, for its successful diagnostics and medical treatments of all diseases. Specifically, it became renowned for the constant success in diagnostics and treatment of heart and blood vessels diseases.

Our physicians and nurses also demonstrate the highest level of skills while performing medical treatments at patients' domiciles or on worksite medical visits.

The accurate and indisputable diagnostics and the consequent effective treatments are also guaranteed by the active participation of our medical doctors to the world and European congresses of cardiology, as well as to similar events in other fields of medicine.

The polyclinic “Dr Sci. Hadžagić” has access to all relevant scientific medical journals, which ensures that we are continuously up-to-date with the most recent discoveries in medicine and the latest trends in medical treatments.

Prof. I. Hadžagić M.D., Ph.D.